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      BMT Playback Season 2
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      BMTPlayback TV Season 2 Coming to NXTVlive and the BMT Network APP in all app stores September 2018!

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      Snitch So Quick
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      #SnitchSonQuick off of the up coming Mixtape #GenerarionNumb by Ike Breeze!

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      BMT Playback TV Season 1 PROMO
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      BMT Playback TV PROMO (Southern Florida)

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      BMT Playback is a new indie artist TV show produced by BMT CEO & artist Ike Burner aka Ike Breeze. The Playback features the hottest indie artists in the world, major artists concert coverage, music events, car shows, college homecoming events, clubs, comedians, and the best the music entertainment world has to offer. Coming Soon on NXTTVLive

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      "CAN I" PROMO for BMT artist Hollywood
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      Out Now!! New R&T(rhythm &trap) radio/club BANGER!!! "Can I" by #BMT recording artist #Hollywood available worldwide via Breeze Money Team distribution https://open.spotify.com/album/7kzUF9GZQBRN8W90ZRe1Aq?si=wvM_MxItS52kzzZ6cEwzhg www.breezemoneyteam.com

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      Enter The Zone Official Trailer!!!!
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      Enter The Zone is the urban entertainment television talk show based in Philadelphia, PA and hosted by The Indikator. It is the brainchild of David Indikator Fuller and was originally created to bring awareness and promote signed and unsigned music artists, based in the Metro Philadelphia and surrounding area. The show has since expanded and reaches a far greater audience than ever before. The show boasts of interviewing not only musicians, but singer/songwriters, emcees and DJs, Record label executives and recording studio owners. Tune into Enter The Zone, you'll be glad you did! Coming Soon to the BMT Network on NXTVLive!

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      Cops Get Knocked Out!!!!! Official Trailer
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      Cops Get Knocked Out!!!! is a new hit TV series debuting on The BMT Network. Cops Get Knocked Out shows the being a cop goes extremely BAD!!! Coming Soon to the BMT Network!!!!

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