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      FAIRY TALE Music produced by Prince Nortey & Ben McCarthy, NORMAC Video directed and shot by the one and only Edward Bernard. Thanks to Prince Nortey, Rika Rain, the one, and only Ed Bernard, plus another one and only Saye Lah, Mario. Thanks, Tah-neka Colbert, and Jill Hansson and all the heads who helped out in the making of the videos. thanks...

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      Ace Don Tino FT. 6KO - Aint No Im Bout
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      Ace Don Tino Official Music Video

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      Moe Z MD - So Real
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      Official Music Video of So Real a Slow Jam from back in the day by the Legend Producer Moe Z MD

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      Bisshop Damcee - Hits
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      Official Music Video of "Hits" By; Bisshop Damcee

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