Nike Jesus


Leonard Isaiah Andrew Smith Known for his hit singles such as Man Now, Nike Jesus and NBA Jam And his perfect chaos performances He was born March 5th 1994, Leonard Isaiah Andrew Smith also known by his stage names Leedoubleo and Mr.WooWoo was considered by many as one of the most energetic and entertaining rappers of all time. Leonard was born and raised in the " lost barrel " of New York known as Newburgh . Leonard is not your average rapper He loves putting on a show no matter how many people are in the crowd he will still give it his all. When he was a kid , he discover music thru his parents. His father Leslie Mathis would host hip hop events and listen to Gangsta Rap While His Mother Jessica Smith was a church singer and listen to classic R&B. As he grew up in his teen years he would "time travel "as he calls it and relocate the songs he would hear his father and mother play. Leonard was inspired by Snoop Doggy dog And the Dog Pound , N.W.A , Tupac , Bone thug n harmony, Jimmy Hendrix , Stevie Nicks, Blue Oyster Cult , Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye , Guy , Earth Wind And Fire and Bobby Brown. Leonard started rapping at the age of 14 his cousin Johnathan Smith taught him how to rap and use his voice in different styles of genre . As time went by Leonard's energy and knowledge of music has grown exponentially he took his talent serious at the age of 19. In high school he was a class clown but smart he would write down lyrics in his school textbook or on the back of his homework of a song he would create out of no where . His Teachers and Principles always told him your a character don't forget about us when you make it big and famous . Then later on down the rode in 2017, he moved to Miami,Florida and his music career expand and got more popular he begin to get booked for Venues from Strip Clubs to Night Clubs and he started to meet and work with major artist such as Lil Herb, PnB Rock and Safaree .