We Are The World 1985 Various Artist. USA for Africa


We Are The World In 1985, the music industry and the world came together in an unprecedented outpouring of generosity in response to the tragic famine wreaking havoc in Africa at the time. The biggest names in music ‘checked their egos at the door’ to create what was and still is a worldwide phenomenon. The recording of the original We Are The World sold more than 7 million records worldwide. The worldwide sale of that record generated more than $ 60 million which has been used to assist Africa and Africans affected by the famine and other critical issues since 1985. The song became and remains the people’s anthem and continues to be revered and loved globally. (Harry Bellafonte) PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Friends from across the entertainment industry, with a common focus and an enormous energy, dedicated professional entertainers gave their valuable time and unique talents to save the lives of Africans. They worked together and changed the world. We continue to celebrate their enormous contribution’ Dan Aykroyd Harry Belafonte Lindsey Buckingham Kim Carnes Ray Charles Bob Dylan Sheila E. Bob Geldof Daryl Hall James Ingram Jackie Jackson LaToya Jackson Marlon Jackson Michael Jackson Randy Jackson Tito Jackson Al Jarreau Waylon Jennings Billy Joel Cyndi Lauper Huey Lewis and the News Mario Cipollina John Colla Bill Gibson Chris Hayes Sean Hopper Kenny Loggins Bette Midler Willie Nelson John Oates Jeffrey Osborne Steve Perry The Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer June Pointer Ruth Pointer Lionel Richie Smokey Robinson Kenny Rogers Diana Ross Paul Simon Bruce Springsteen Tina Turner Dionne Warwick Stevie Wonder